01. If you [encounter] a bear while hiking, the best thing to do is to back away quietly.
02. In our lives, we all [encounter] stress and difficulties which we must overcome.
03. They [encountered] a few problems making themselves understood while travelling in Greece last year.
04. The secretary [encountered] a strange man walking in the halls outside the office when she came in to do some work in the evening.
05. The astronauts [encountered] a colony of expatriate Martians while working on a neighboring planet.
06. Jeremy [encountered] a lot of difficulties trying to bring his new wife into this country from Thailand.
07. Travis Walton's book about his [encounter] with a UFO in Arizona in 1975 became the subject of a Hollywood movie called "Fire in the Sky."
08. Averil Coxhead has noted that second language students need to read a lot so they [encounter] new words many times in context.
09. For most children, enrolling in school is their first [encounter] with a formal institution.
10. A fatal [encounter] with a grizzly bear has left one man in hospital, and another man dead this morning.
11. Albert Einstein once said that great spirits have always [encountered] violent opposition from mediocre minds.
12. We [encountered] a number of difficulties during our week-long hike along the coast, but we were able to overcome each one of them by working as a team.
13. Laurence Perrine once observed that, like a symphony by Beethoven, a good story should be as good or better on a second or third [encounter].
14. Wind tunnels simulate the conditions a vehicle will [encounter] when it moves through the air.
15. Travelling allows you to [encounter] new ideas, and new ways of living.
16. Whenever you read a scientific or technical text in English, you will probably [encounter] many words you do not know.
17. When Columbus landed on the coast of Honduras, he [encountered] the descendants of the great Mayan civilization.
18. In the year 1513, Balboa became the first European to [encounter] the Pacific Ocean.
19. We have had a number of [encounters] with bears while hiking in the woods.
20. American troops have been [encountering] strong resistance from the rebel forces.
21. William Nagy has stated that a single [encounter] with new vocabulary is not enough to lead to any great depth of word knowledge.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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